Personalized Stainless Steel Flask with Initial Monogram

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Reminiscent of pocket flasks manufactured in the 20's and 30's, our Elite Monogram© Stainless Steel Pocket Flask is a favorite with gentlemen!We skillfully engrave any single initial creating a signature, personalized gift he'll enjoy through the years. Features intricate detail in the brushed finish base with convenient, attached cap for easy open & close; includes a funnel for easy and clean pouring. Measures 6" x 4" x 1 1/4". Holds 8 fluid ounces of his favorite beverage; stainless construction ensures no rust. Flask comes gift boxed for handsome presentation. Perfect for groomsmen, birthdays, Father's Day and more!

The Last Sunrise, A True Story

This is a true story of a nine-year old boy who found himself hunted for no reason other than born Jewish and living on the wrong continent at the wrong t ime. Little by little, he found himself devoid of friends and relatives-- the Nazi took them all. Imprisoned but not defeated he grew up in Nazi concentration camps as a political prisoner maked for death, as on enemy of the state, and lived to tell his story. This is not a book of a defeated person seeking sympathy; rather it is to demonstrate to others that despite adverse living conditions, deprived of a childhood and education for more than four and a half years imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps, one can prevail and live to tell his story. It is not the intention of the author to describe the event of World War Two in great detail and with accuracy. Neither is it intended to blame the German people for the atrocities that the Nazis committed against the Jewish people and others who or suffered during those war years. "Born in the year 1930 in Grodno Poland and condemned to DEATH at the tender age of nine by Hitler and his Nazis. To be gassed and burned in the gas chambers and crematoriums of such Death Camps as Auschwitz, Dachau, and others. That little boy was me more than 70 years ago. I feel compelled to tell my story for all who died at the hands of the Nazis and who can speak no more. I hope to show an example to others that one can prevail and live a productive life even though one suffered and has been ruthlessly abused at the hands of others. Already at the Open Gates of the Gas Chamber of Auschwitz, only a few feet away from the final doors of no return of the undressing room, when the Sword of Death was lifted from my throat by the Greatest Power we all know and call God".