How to Train Hunting Dogs to Hunt Rabbits and Coon

How to Train Hunting Dogs to Hunt Rabbits and Coon Walter James

Companion to the Summa Theologica Vol. III (Aquinas Libray Book 3)

Spiritual Growth
A Cipher and Mirrora) The statement, “Reason is the handmaid of enlightenment.” b) “After what I have experienced, all that I have written are as straw.”The first comes to us from the Leviathan “Summa Theologica.” (Aquinas 1.79.2) The second is just a few months prior to his death, it was not written, but intimately shared with a traveling monk. What is left in between has caused me to vacillate between the two and find the center portal, by which I may enter and ascend and pass on a discourse.First, to dismiss Thomas Aquinas, is to dismiss the existence of the Empire State building when visiting, passing through or merely flying over NYC, you cannot mistake, nor fail to perceive its eminent presence among its contemporizes scraping against the skyline, more importantly, nor can you ignore its landmark heritage. The same applies to Thomas, his written efforts, and his rightful place among the School of Titans. In this third portion to this effort it is debuted by Walter Farrell’s colossal undertaking of Synthesizing Thomas’s Summa Theologica into a modern variation, making it relative to our world, environment and issues.