No More Stinky Feet No More Stinky Feet,Two 8 oz. Bottles,US

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Environmentally friendly, non-Aerosol liquid shoe spray. This 2 pack of No More Stinky Feet shoe spray 8 oz non-aerosol bottles is a must have for everyone. Regular treatment of shoes with No More Stinky Feet Shoe Spray will eliminate the odors in your shoes. The invisible vapor barrier works continually to attack the odor causing germs. NMSF is a clear, colorless liquid that dries to create an odor fighting vapor that works continually as you wear your shoes. Safe to use on all footwear, sandals and boots. Feel free to take off your socks and enjoy odor free shoes. Works on all fabrics. 100% Guaranteed. No More Stinky Feet works in two ways: 1)Eliminates the many of causes of odor. 2) The salts in the active ingredient attach to the odor complex protein molecules and deactivate the proteins thus eliminating the odor instantly.

Made in: USA
Features of this item include: Eco-Friendly, Foot Odor
Made in USA


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