EMG ACS Active Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

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Champion fingerstylist Pat Kirtley is only one of many players who have discovered the ACS, and only an active design can deliver the kind of frequency response, output, and quiet performance needed in a sound hole pickup. The ACS employs a unique internal preamp that's been tailored for the phase and frequency response of an acoustic guitar while still retaining a brilliant top-end favored in acoustic guitar tone.

The package includes:EMG-ACS pick-upEMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cableEndpin Jack with cableCable keepersBattery bagAllen wrenches (.062 & .093 inches)Velcro dotInstructionsComes in black

Package of 12 - 70mm Metal Hair Barrettes

Package of 12 - 70mm Metal Hair Barrettes.

Package of 12 Barrettes
70mm Metal Hair Barrettes